Annual Fund

A special fund to assist with the areas of greatest need within the Zoo and Garden.

THANK YOU. Your support of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is vital to our success in the care and conservation of animals and plants in our protection. Thanks to you, Riverbanks works round-the-clock to provide outstanding animal care and deliver extraordinary experiences that connect you to the natural world.

This past year, we have been especially proud of the achievements of our bird team, in what we have coined the “Year of the Bird.” Your Zoo was recognized at the 2022 Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ Mid-Year Conference for significant contributions to the sustainability of zoo-managed bird populations.

This honor was due, in part, to the amazing work of our keepers, who tirelessly care for all of the birds at Riverbanks during late nights and early morning hand-rearing, and, in part, to the work of our curator of birds, who developed a powerful tool called the S-Index that gauges, assesses and plans for the sustainability of a species.

At Riverbanks, for example, we excel at breeding songbirds, especially endangered Asian songbirds. The S-Index can help predict how many chicks we are likely to produce and provide to other zoos to help with their sustainability efforts. This tool, developed at your Zoo, is now used by animal managers worldwide, ensuring a successful roadmap for animal care that aims to preserve vulnerable species.

Important scientific work like this happens every day at Riverbanks. From birds to corals to large mammals, our ability to care for animals and learn from them significantly impacts global efforts to save their species in the wild.

Please consider supporting the Zoo and Garden above and beyond your membership dues with a gift to the Annual Fund. Your donation makes a lasting impact on conservation and can help offset the rising costs of feeding and caring for the animals you know and love at Riverbanks.

Your gift today will help ensure that Riverbanks remains a place of wonderment for all ages, contributing to the vibrancy, economic strength, and quality of life within our community. A contribution of any meaningful amount is deeply appreciated.

Thank you again for your support.

Your gift to the Annual Fund will assist in the areas of greatest need:

  • $100 could feed a gorilla for two weeks.
  • $275 can feed the sea lions for four days.
  • $500 may help offset the cost of smart boards and other advanced learning tools for Riverbanks’ classrooms.
  • $1,000 may assist with the purchase of specialized laser equipment needed to provide care for some of the Zoo’s aging animals.

A donation of any amount is urgently needed and sincerely appreciated.

Show Your Support of Riverbanks Together, we can make a lasting impact on the future of wildlife and wild places.

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