Annual Fund

A special fund to assist with the areas of greatest need within the Zoo and Garden.

Your support of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is vital to our success in the care and conservation of endangered animals and plants. Riverbanks works round-the-clock to provide outstanding animal and plant care, deliver extraordinary experiences that connect you to the natural world, and share our passion to help save animals and their habitats from extinction.

This year, the Zoo celebrated numerous significant births and hatchings of at-risk species including African lions, Western lowland gorillas, Galapagos tortoises, and Southern rockhopper penguins. In particular, the global population of rockhopper penguins has plummeted in recent years.

When Riverbanks’ birdkeepers noticed one of two rockhopper eggs had cracked, they acted quickly. Drawing on their professional expertise, passion for saving wildlife, and a little help from Elmer’s glue, keepers repaired the damaged egg. Eighteen days later the egg successfully hatched, and today the healthy chick, aptly named Elmer, is thriving in the Penguin Coast habitat with his family. 

Efforts like this are critical and take place every day at Riverbanks. A staggering one million species are threatened with extinction within our lifetimes. It is imperative we continue providing the best care for the Zoo’s 2,000 animals and deliver the engaging experiences and innovative programs that inspire 1.3 million annual guests to take steps at home to protect nature and wildlife.

With your support, we are making strides towards a better future for our children, grandchildren and all living things. Riverbanks is a source of hometown pride and lasting family memories. It is a place where individuals and families connect with animals, plants, and each other and are inspired to care for wildlife and wild places.

As this important work continues, please show your support of Riverbanks by making a gift to the Annual Fund.

Your donation today helps keep Riverbanks a place of wonderment for kids of all ages to get outdoors and connect with nature; a trusted conservation resource for grownups; and a travel destination that attracts and engages visitors, strengthens our local economy and enhances the quality of life in our community.

Thank you for your support. Together, we will make a lasting impact on the future for wildlife and wild places.

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Your gift to the Annual Fund will assist in the areas of greatest need.

  • $100 could feed a gorilla for two weeks
  • $275 can feed the sea lions for four days
  • $500 may help purchase Chromebooks or other advanced learning tools for the Zoo's classrooms
  • $1,000 may help assist with the purchase of an emergency generator for the animal hospital

Of course, a gift of any amount is urgently needed and sincerely appreciated.

About Riverbanks Society

Established in 1976 by a group of concerned citizens, Riverbanks Society started out with a base of 200 members and has grown far beyond expectations with more than 40,000 member households representing over 190,000 individuals, making it one of the largest nonprofit zoo societies per capita in the United States. Members and donors provide important resources for the research, education and conservation efforts of the Zoo and Garden, strengthening Riverbanks’ position as a world-class zoo and leader in wildlife conservation.

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