Annual Fund

A special fund to assist with the areas of greatest need within the Zoo and Garden.

This has been another remarkable year. In June 2015 we formally kicked off Destination Riverbanks, the single largest expansion of the Zoo’s 40-year history, resulting in the opening of fabulous new grizzly bear and river otter habitats, a spectacular new entrance with more access and improved guest amenities, a new children’s garden where delighted kids can explore tree houses and splash about in a water-play area, and a state-of-the-art sea lion exhibit featuring fantastic underwater views of sea lions and a harbor seal as they swim and dive in an incredible reproduction of San Francisco’s Pier 39. These amazing new additions could not have been built without our generous members, donors and community!

Riverbanks relies on annual membership dues and guest admission fees to provide a high quality day-to-day experience. Yet, with all the excitement surrounding the expansion, we cannot forget the importance of private giving. The personal support of our members and donors has been absolutely essential to addressing the areas of greatest need and fulfilling our mission-driven efforts.

And, thanks to the support of our community, Riverbanks is a powerful economic driver in the Midlands and the state. For every dollar invested in Riverbanks, more than four dollars is pumped back into our local economy.

As we strive to build an even healthier economy and brighter future, we need your help.

Your gift will help us achieve our ultimate goal: to become a place of wonderment for all ages — a place where our kids can get outdoors to connect with nature and a travel destination that continues to attract and engage visitors, strengthen our local economy and enhance our quality of life.

Please consider making a gift or pledge to the Destination Riverbanks campaign and help us raise the final $4 million needed to put the finishing touches on one of the most important Zoo expansions in four decades.

Double your contribution with a matching gift from your employer! Check with your human resource administrator for eligibility and details.

Thank you for your commitment to one of our community’s most valuable resources.

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Please, consider giving what you can and help us build a better future.

  • All donations of $100 and above will be recognized in an upcoming issue of Riverbanks magazine.
  • Gifts of $1,000 or more may be pledged over three years and your name will be included on an honor roll at the Destination Riverbanks exhibit of your choice.
  • Contributions of $2,500 and above will be recognized on an attractive donor wall at the Destination Riverbanks exhibit of your choice; the size of the plaque will correspond to your giving level.

Your tax-deductible gift can help us build a better future for our children, the animals and our community.

  • $100 could provide enrichment items for the Zoo’s otters.
  • $250 may help purchase educational graphics for the new children’s garden.
  • $500 or more may help us obtain special veterinary equipment needed for sea lions.
  • $1,000 could feed the bears for 3 months.
  • Of course, a gift of any amount is urgently needed and sincerely appreciated.

About Riverbanks Society

Established in 1976 by a group of concerned citizens, Riverbanks Society started out with a base of 200 members and has grown far beyond expectations with 38,000 member households representing 190,000 individuals, making it one of the largest nonprofit zoo societies per capita in the United States. Members and donors provide important resources for the research, education and conservation efforts of the Zoo and Garden, strengthening Riverbanks’ position as a world-class zoo and leader in wildlife conservation.

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