Annual Fund

A special fund to assist with the areas of greatest need within the Zoo and Garden.

THANK YOU. Your enthusiasm and support of Riverbanks is a force for nature. You inspire us to be the best we can be, as protectors of wildlife and leaders in conservation. Thanks to you, our dedicated team works non-stop to provide outstanding animal and plant care, deliver extraordinary experiences that connect you to the natural world, and help save animals and their habitats from extinction.

As we countdown to your Zoo’s 50th anniversary, we have many reasons to celebrate, from the opening of the Darnall W. and Susan F. Boyd Aquarium & Reptile Conservation Center to a habitat expansion for a future Komodo dragon family. We also are proud to have welcomed three meerkat pups, a koala joey, a harbor seal pup, three flamingo chicks, four rockhopper penguin chicks, and two blue-billed curassow chicks — a major win for this critically endangered species.

Riverbanks is committed to the survival of at-risk species. Your Zoo is taking a great step forward in rhino care by actively training southern white rhinos to accept blood draws and is one of only three accredited facilities successfully collecting blood plasma to help save young rhino calves in need.

This effort extends well beyond the banks. We also have teamed up with a rhino orphanage in South Africa to help ensure rhinos born in the wild have the same odds for survival as any born in a zoo. This important work is one of the many conservation breakthroughs that take place at Riverbanks, making a huge impact for animals here at home and around the globe.

As we look back on our successes and look forward to celebrating 50 wild years in 2024, we ask that you join us in support of our mission with a donation to Riverbanks’ Annual Fund above and beyond your membership dues. A gift of any amount is deeply appreciated.

Your contribution will help ensure Riverbanks remains a place to get outdoors and connect with nature, a trusted conservation resource, and a travel destination that continues to attract and engage visitors, strengthen our local economy, and enhance the quality of life in our community and state.

Thank you again for your support.

Your gift to the Annual Fund will assist in the areas of greatest need:

  • $100 could feed a gorilla for two weeks.
  • $275 can feed the sea lions for four days.
  • $500 may help offset the cost of smart boards and other advanced learning tools for Riverbanks’ classrooms.
  • $1,000 may assist with the purchase of specialized laser equipment needed to provide care for some of the Zoo’s aging animals.

A donation of any amount is urgently needed and sincerely appreciated.

Show Your Support of Riverbanks Together, we can make a lasting impact on the future of wildlife and wild places.

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